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All the Poems Fit to Print


"The Book on Fractures I"
"The Book on Fractures II"

Vol. 14, Issue 1

"North Rim"

San Pedro River Review
Fall 2019

"Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation"

Barnstorm Journal
October 2019


September 2019

"Elegy for My Father"

Apple Valley Review
Vol. 14, No. 2


"About Face"

"Shadow City

Winter 2019


Jelly Bucket 
No. 9


Parentheses Journal
No. 7

"The Detour"

Indianapolis Review

No. 9


Up the Staircase Quarterly 46
Harrow: The Paranormal Issue

"Joy, the Long, Unfinished Bridge, Carries You"

"Expecting Naught"

"One Does Not Sleep"

Rabid Oak
August 2019


Ghost City Review
August 2019


Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge
Editor's Choice
June 2019

"Through Spanish Harlem"

Eunoia Review
July 2019


Harpoon Review
Issue 43


Issue 12

"Lanternfish" (short fiction)

The Boiler
Summer XXIX

"7 Up"

June 2019

"On Being Wed"

Lavender Review

Issue 19

Artwork: Rebecca Rousseau

"Barn Sour"
"Meet Cute"

Empty Mirror
May 2019



Night Music Journal
Vol. 5


Rust + Moth
Summer 2019

"Often, and Without Shame"

Screen Door Review
No. 5

"You Return"

Pretty Owl Poetry
Issue 21

"Leaving Red Rocks"

Colorado Review
Spring 2019

"Letters from the Farm"

Colorado Review
Spring 2019

Press: "Looking Toward Spring With Place-Based Writing"

Colorado Review
Spring 2019
Jennifer Anderson


No. 42


Rogue Agent
No. 47

"Worse Than Seeing"

3Elements Review
No. 21


Birds Piled Loosely
No. 15


"Disgusting Bird"

Oxidant Engine
No. 6

"The Toothmakers' Daughter is Apprenticed"

GERM Magazine

"Gin, a Juniper Slick"

Cleaver Magazine
No. .5

"Four Mares, Flank to Flank"

Sink Review
No. 1